Photos, Paintings, and Misc. items from Belgium Collected by H F Demunter Chabot
H. Fel Chabot's father, Louis Marie Ferdinand Demunter, circa 1921. 01_LouisDemunter.jpg (514709 bytes)
Louis Demunter in Army conscription uniform (mandatory service in Belgium); circa 1919 (note: He died at 28 years of age of tuberculosis; he was a horticulturalist (did landscaping and gardening) and liked to paint as a hobby. 02_LouisDemunter.jpg (597153 bytes)
Fel at about 3 months old. Taken at 116 Avenue Albert Giraud in Brussels, Belgium (in suburb called Schaerbeek), with grandfather Felix Wouters, grandmother Marie Jennes Wouters,  mother Jeanne Julia Wouters Demunter and baby  Fel Demunter Chabot.  03_Belgium.jpg (483421 bytes)
In the park next to 116 Avenue Albert Giraud. Fel is with mother and grandmother Wouters, in winter 1923/24. 05_Belgium.jpg (461609 bytes)
Fel and mother on the beach in Coxyde (Koksijde), Belgium, 1924. 08_Belgium.jpg (579683 bytes)
At beach in Coxyde, 1924, a posed photo taken at the beach. 10_Belgium.jpg (723412 bytes)
Fel Chabot, studio picture taken in Brussels at age 3. 11_Belgium.jpg (461231 bytes)
Fel's kindergarten class, in front row middle with bobbed hair. Blond girl on her right is Jeanne Terken, and Fel went through 9th grade with her. Boy on her left was her boyfriend at the time. Was the "fresh air" school for children who were sickly and needed fresh air. Fel had tubercular addinitis as a child and doctors thought she wouldn't live past age 7. 12_Belgium.jpg (855722 bytes)
Studio picture of Fel Chabot, age 3. 13_Belgium.jpg (76508 bytes)
Uncle Edmond in the Belgium Congo; in Belgian army training native troops and he was working as a volunteer from 1917-1923, with 6 month break in 1920. He never was educated beyond 8th grade, but during the time in the Congo, he mixed with officers and was educated by them. When he returned to Belgium in 1923, he could not find a job he liked, and he was married at the time to Fel's aunt, a schoolteacher. So with home studies he applied to the University of Brussels law faculty (it is customary to enter faculties right after high school in Belgium), and eventually became a lawyer and later a judge at the low courts in Brussels. 14_Belgium.jpg (304671 bytes)
Fel's First Communion picture at age 10 (1934). 15_Belgium.jpg (363398 bytes)
In Coxyde, up on dunes nearby (Hoogenblikker), 1931. Picture is of Uncle Louis and aunt Marie, maternal grandmother and Fel; are seated in uncle Louis' first car, a Peugeot.  16_Belgium.jpg (364816 bytes)
Taken in 1932, in front of Villa Maria in village of Coxyde. Seated on car is Fel, on Fel's right is her mother, and starting with her immediate left and seated is maternal grandmother, standing is Uncle Louis, seated is Aunt Marie, standing is Aunt Elise and seated in the cabbages is Uncle Edmond. This home was destroyed by bombs in World War II in 1940. Burt and Caryl have a picture of this site, now a set of garages, taken in May '98. This was a summer vacation home. 17_Belgium.jpg (485367 bytes) 
Same as above, with piece of neighbor's house. From left to right as follows: Uncle Louis, Fel, Fel's mother, aunt Elise, Uncle Edmond, maternal grandmother (note: Uncle Edmond and maternal grandmother are playing backgammon) and aunt Marie.  18_Belgium.jpg (486142 bytes)
Same site as above, Fel and neighbor boy Marcel Claes. 1931.  19_Belgium.jpg (222256 bytes)
Same site as above, from left to right as follows: Seated is aunt Elise, sitting are Marcel and Fel, middle is Fel's mother, then uncle Louis and aunt Marie.  20_Belgium.jpg (226111 bytes)
Same site as above, from left to right as follows: maternal grandmother, aunt Elise, Fel, Fel's mother, uncle Louis, aunt Marie, and the dog Myrsa. 21_Belgium.jpg (197098 bytes)
Park in Brussels across from 116 Avenue Albert Geraud, with tenant's daughter, Anna Mouton. Grandmother rented out floors of 116. 22_Belgium.jpg (239559 bytes)
Same site as above. 23_Belgium.jpg (249417 bytes)
In Coxyde, in the dunes on a walk. From left to right: Fel's mother, Fel, aunt Marie, uncle Louis and maternal grandmother; 1932. 24_Belgium.jpg (414167 bytes)
Same site as above, from left to right: Grandmother, aunt Marie, uncle Louis, Fel and her mother. 25_Belgium.jpg (437978 bytes)
Taken in 1933; at the dunes which started at right; road is road to village of Coxyde; front row, left to right: Fel, uncle Louis and uncle Edmond, with dog Myrsa; standing from left to right: grandmother, aunt Marie, Fel's mother and aunt Elise. 26_Belgium.jpg (402170 bytes)
Taken in 1933; at the dunes at St. Idesbald. From bottom to top: Fel, her mother, grandmother, aunt Elise, aunt Marie, Myrsa and Uncle Louis. 27_Belgium.jpg (262376 bytes)
A picture taken in 1933 in front of chapel in St. Idesbald. The chapel was turned into a tavern circa 1936 and is currently an art gallery (1998). Seated in front is aunt Marie and Fel's mother, second row is aunt Elise standing, uncle Louis seated with Myrsa, then in background is grandmother, Fel and uncle Edmond. 28_Belgium.jpg (348263 bytes)
Taken in 1933; picture of Villa Felicie when new. Built when Fel was 10 years old and in boarding school. Fel's mother hired an architect and a contractor to build this house in Keerbergen, 15 miles northeast of Brussels; weekend retreat for Fel's mother to get away from grandmother. On porch from left to right is aunt Marie, Fel's mother and Fel, and uncle Louis' dog Rip. Burt and Caryl and Michele and Peter have pictures of this house in 1998. 29_Belgium.jpg (580597 bytes)
Same site as above; on porch standing from left to right are: Mother, uncle Louis, grandmother, and seated on porch wall is Fel. 1933. 30_Belgium.jpg (563576 bytes)
Same site as above, 1933. Front row, left to right: Marie Therese Pawels and brother Edouard and Fel; (note: Fel made her apron she was wearing in school); standing from left to right is: Uncle Louis, parents of Melanie Pawels, Fel's grandmother and mother, then Melanie Pawels. Melanie was a friend of Fel's mother. 31_Belgium.jpg (560771 bytes)
Taken August 1936; in Coxyde; Fel and cousin Paule in tent built with car tarp in front of house. Paule is niece of aunt Marie and aunt Elise, daughter of their sister Anna. She was Fel's second cousin. 32_Belgium.jpg (178971 bytes)
Same as above. 33_Belgium.jpg (161795 bytes)
Same as above. 34_Belgium.jpg (129188 bytes)
Picture in Coxyde, of Fel, uncle Edmond and Paule; 1936. 35_Belgium.jpg (110432 bytes)
Building a new tent, 1936 in Coxyde; uncle Louis, Paule and Fel. 36_Belgium.jpg (135735 bytes)
The new tent, 1936; picture includes cousins but difficult to see on right: Willy Degreef and Simone Degreef. 37_Belgium.jpg (123615 bytes)
Finished tent, left to right is grandmother, Fel, Paule and Fel's mother, aunt Marie and cousin Anna; dog is Rip. 38_Belgium.jpg (160344 bytes)
On boardwalk at Coxyde, 1936; is uncle Louis, Aunt Marie and Fel (boy is unrelated). 39_Belgium.jpg (168590 bytes)
On boardwalk in Coxyde, Fel and her mother. 40_Belgium.jpg (133143 bytes)
Identification picture of Fel; required in Belgium once a person is 14 years of age. Fel at age 14. 41_Belgium.jpg (73782 bytes)
Identification picture of Fel at age 20. 42_Belgium.jpg (71876 bytes)
Picture of Villa Johanna in 1940, in Keerbergen on street parallel to the main street (where Villa Felicie is). This house was totally designed by Fel's mother. Area name is Piervenshoek. B/C have a picture of a sign with this name on it; Burt attempted to get a current picture of this house in '98, but house has changed significantly and almost invisible because of foliage. 43_Belgium 001.jpg (483327 bytes)
Same as above. 44_Belgium.jpg (25685 bytes)
Same as above, with Fel's mother in front. 45_Belgium.jpg (240270 bytes)
At Villa Johanna, Fel's mother, grandmother and Fel; 1946. 46_Belgium.jpg (230305 bytes)
At Villa Johanna, with fiance Burt Chabot, Fel's mother and grandmother; 1946. 47_Belgium.jpg (214219 bytes)
Fel's grandmother in 1946. 48_Belgium.jpg (284354 bytes)
Fel's grandmother in 1946. 51_Belgium.jpg (222884 bytes)
Fel's grandmother, in Keerbergen, Belgium, in front of Uncle Louis's duplex, about 1954.  These twin houses were called Zonnestraal and Maneschijn. and are located on the main street a little closer to Felicie than Joanna is, but on the other side of the street, and are close to the end of the street Johanna is on, as that street curves to join the main street.  49_Belgium.jpg (282312 bytes)
Fel's grandmother, same as above, in front of well. 50_Belgium.jpg (245184 bytes)
Fel's mother in Brussels, about 1954. 52_Belgium.jpg (252100 bytes)
In Lourdes, France, with tour friends; Fel's mother is on the far right. About 1960. 53_Belgium.jpg (418556 bytes)
Fel's grandmother's funeral card; born March 28, 1862 and died December 30, 1956. 54_Belgium.jpg (605311 bytes)
Uncle Louis; taken about 1925. 55_Belgium.jpg (115971 bytes)
Fel's grandmother about 1955. 56_Belgium.jpg (65193 bytes)
Fel's mother; taken about 1954. 57_Belgium.jpg (69707 bytes)
Fel's passport photo, 1949. 58_Belgium.jpg (116822 bytes)
Picture of Fel, 1950. 59_Belgium.jpg (155722 bytes)
Uncle Edmond in judge's robes, about 1950. BelgiumUncleEdmond.jpg (1057789 bytes)
Outside  Uncle Edmond's castle in 1965. castleOutside1.JPG (29732 bytes) castleOutside2.JPG (42693 bytes)
Fel's 80'th Birthday Oct 2003. OCT_20_Moms_80th.JPG (21425 bytes)
Fallen Church Bells at the town of Eppeghem, Belgium. The church was burned during World War I and the pastor of the parish was Louis Reynen, who was Fel's father's uncle(?)  (and godfather). Ink drawing done by Louis Demunter, Fel's father. 60_Burned_Out_Church_Tower.jpg (67444 bytes)
Villiage dirt road in section called Ninde, part of the town of Tremeloo, Belgium. On left are local houses, some of which were owned by brothers or sisters of Fel's maternal grandmother. In the background is a church and on the right is a wall, which is part of a convent where Father Damien started. His given name was Josef De Veuster. A watercolor painted by Louis Demunter. 61_Ninde_in_Tremeloo.jpg (69062 bytes)
Detail of one of the houses above, one owned by a relative. Watercolor by Fel's father. 62_Farm_ House.jpg (81156 bytes)
A bridge over the Dyle river, facing the town of Wechter, Belgium, just upriver from Keerbergen and Ninde. Watercolor by Fel's father. 63_Bridge_On_The_Dijl_in_Werchter.jpg (65660 bytes)
A typical Flemish home interior with large hearth; showing interior at end of 19th century. Watercolor by Fel's father. 64_Old_Flemish_Home.jpg (88423 bytes)
Snipe. Watercolor by Fel's father. 67_Bird_Possibly_Snipe.jpg (31896 bytes)
Still Life. Watercolor by Fel's father. 68_Still_Life.jpg (45852 bytes)
Dahlia flower. Watercolor by Fel's father. 66_Dahlia_Flower.jpg (35001 bytes)
Cyclamen flower. Watercolor by Fel's father. 65_Cyclamen_Flower.jpg (56001 bytes)